Shrug Off That Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain
Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain

About 10% of the population will experience shoulder pain. In order for this complicated joint to function optimally, the rotator cuff and surrounding muscles are required to coordinate proper shoulder motion (ie. reaching overhead, pushing and pulling). Injury to the shoulder joint may cause pain and limit movement with certain activities.

Some common injuries that may occur in the shoulder include:

Rotator Cuff Tears or Tendonitis:

Usually a result of repetitive strain on the muscles (eg. shoveling, throwing, or lifting); can also be from direct trauma to the shoulder.

Shoulder Bursitis:

Inflammation of the bursa (fluid-filled sacs) in the shoulder due to repetitive irritation. Usually the shoulder is tender to touch, range of motion is limited, and there is pain at rest.

Impingement Syndrome:

Repeated irritation or pinching of the biceps tendon or rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder joint. There is usually a gradual increase in discomfort and the pain may be worse at night. Discomfort is mainly experienced when reaching overhead or during overhead activities.

Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive Capsulitis:

Very limited range of motion due to contracture in the tissues around the shoulder joint. This condition typically gets progressively worse over time as pain continues and stiffness increases.

Note: Trauma directly to the shoulder or reoccurring pain can indicate a more serious condition, which will be assessed prior to treatment.

Several treatment options available to solve many painful shoulder conditions:

Chiropractic Joint Mobilization or Manipulation:

A gentle adjustment to the spine and/or affected joint. The focus of this therapy is to release restricted joints, restoring the body's natural alignment to allow for proper movement.

Active Release Techniques®:

Active Release Techniques® is similar to a deep tissue massage concentrating on the affected area and is accompanied by movement of the joint. This therapy is a popular choice to help speed up the recovery of soft tissue injuries because it increases blood flow to the area and helps break up scar tissue.

Cold Laser Therapy:

Cold Laser Therapy is a drug free alternative to treating various painful musculoskeletal conditions such as: Osteoarthritis, Sport and Work Injuries, Tendonitis, Back Pain, and much more. It works by transferring light energy to cells in the affected area, stimulating the body's natural healing process. It often reduces recovery time (from injuries or surgery) by 50% or more.

Functional Rehabilitation:

Functional Rehabilitation is an active therapy that focuses on correcting improper movement patterns and posture with exercises and is often prescribed alongside Chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Techniques®, and/or Cold Laser Therapy.

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