Doctor Mel has accumulated testimonials over her years of practice in several clinics. Some are shared below:

“Dr.Mel does a great job. I want to thank Dr. Mel for getting me in right away today because my back was a mess and I was in huge pain. If anyone is looking for a great chiro in the surrey s.surrey area go see her. She truely cares about ger patients and will take great care of you.”

-Mark Nielsen

“I have struggled with jaw pain and TMJ dysfunction for many years. The last couple of years the large muscle on the right side of my jaw began to enlarge and cause a lot of pain. In my opinion it also began to change the shape of my face, and not for the better! I read Dr. Mel’s blog about ART ( active release technique ) and decided to give it a try. In only several weeks there has been an almost impossible amount of improvement in both form and function. I am delighted by the positive change in how I look. My cheekbones are back up where they belong and the asymmetry I was noticing has all but disappeared. Oh ya, I can also now chew normally! I would like to thank Dr. Mel for the noninvasive ‘facelift’!!”


“Dr. Mel Rapoport and the staff at Solaj gave me excellent care and therapy during my recent series of visits. My issues were related to former sports injuries and I was having constant pain in my right shoulder joint. My doctor recommended Laser Light Therapy and I chose Dr. Mel. Her initial assessment was bang on for treatment and the first Laser therapy session offered immediate relief. She warned me that not everyone responds at the same speed, but I seemed to have been lucky. Each visit offered improvement of my condition and along with Dr. Mel’s physiotherapy exercises I am regaining full range of motion with my shoulder and no pain. I highly recommend Solaj Therapies if you need
a professional assessment and quality care.”

-James Thompson

I want to say that I went from not being able to drive 10 min in August 2014 to driving across the country in May 2015. Kind of a big difference.

I went from walking around the block in pain with pain medication to now running/hiking for 3 1/2 hours with no pain medication and loving every second of it.

I can now be on my bike climbing again on difficult trails and not be in pain all the time.

I went from feeling the pain all the time to now I can go full days without feeling the same terrible pain.

I can’t tell you enough, Mel, how amazing I feel. I actually did not think about my back until you emailed me about it. It’s a very strange feeling to feel ok again. I was standing up on the Swiss ball today doing squats because my niece did not believe me I could do it and not once I felt my back!! It’s just crazy 🙂

-Isabelle F.

“I just wanted to give a shout out to Doctor Mel and her staff. Without their help and experience, I wouldn’t be able to keep doing the sport I love especially at the age of 51. My name is Shane Price, I have been a motocross rider for most of my whole life. It is a physically demanding sport. Most professional motocross riders retire at the young age of 25. Well, I am not ready. And thanks for Doctor Mel, for every new injury I received from the sport, she knows just what to do, to make sure I get back on that bike.”


“I am a man in his mid-40’s with a fairly high activity level and I know I don’t heal like I used to. I was first introduced to Solaj and Dr. Mel’s services in 2014 when I was looking for an alternative approach to elbow tendonitis due to over activity in the gym. Their assessment and treatment with cold laser therapy accelerated the healing without slowing me down. I can definitely say that I am fully healed from the injury.

Given past results, Solaj was top of mind when I recently developed some discomfort around my knees while training for a half-marathon. The injury was assessed and treatment was applied using cold laser therapy while training continued. After finishing treatment, I noted a significant reduction in discomfort when running.

Although the results speak for itself, the overall experience from the Solaj team will keep me coming back. I have recommended and will continue to recommend the service to anyone who may be in need. Thanks for keeping me moving!

– Brent

“Hello Doctor Mel.

I have been doing well and quite busy with work this season. I am pleased to tell you that my shoulder has not been a concern. I can raise my arm to about 170 degrees with little effort. Considering the extent of damage to my shoulder I am quite satisfied with the result of the cold laser treatment and your expert handling.

I have no difficulty paddling a kayak and my golf swing is almost back to normal…I hope more people will realize the benefits of the treatment.


“I am a 66 year old female who had a successful right shoulder replacement in 2013. I suffered a setback when I injured it in the spring of 2015 and was suffering from chronic shoulder pain 24/7 accompanied by limited range of motion.

I had exhausted all other treatment options including physio and massage therapy, when I found Solaj. I attended a consultation with Dr. Rapoport…I experienced an immediate improvement and decided to follow the treatment plan developed for me by Dr. Rapoport. Sessions were over a 3-4 month period and went from three sessions a week to where I am today…one session every two weeks. It took patience and tolerance…. However it has been one of the best decisions I have made. I have gone from chronic shoulder pain 24/7 and range of motion limitations to being pain free and experiencing greatly improved range of motion …..however, best of all, it gave me back SLEEP!!!

…You have taken me from a world of chronic pain to enjoying life again!!! I’m finally back!!!!”

– Ms. J

“Hello Dr. Mel,
My shoulder has been great. I was a little discouraged when I first stopped coming in as it was still sore. However I kept playing hockey and suddenly realized a few weeks later that I no longer had pain. I assume it just needed some time to kick in.

“About 4 years ago, I tore my ACL doing a sporting event. The surgeon – while they did a very good job – the knee never fully recovered. I’ve sort of been struggling to get back to training and trying everything from physio, to exercise, to just ignoring it, to you name it. I met Dr. Mel about a year ago and she invited me to come try out Cold Laser Therapy treatments and I thought ‘Sure, why not? I’ve tried everything else, what’s one more thing that doesn’t work?’ And I was stunned because after 6 treatments, I went and did a very intense 2 day workout and I had none of the problems I’ve had for the last four years, it was incredible. So if anybody is even thinking about it, come out and give Dr. Mel a try…  it worked for me — after 4 years of trying!”

-Cameron T.

“I first had treatment from Dr. Mel for my finger pain. I could no longer bend it and was quite painful. I decided to try cold laser therapy as I am not one to take medication.

Within a few treatments it started to feel better. Over the following weeks my finger kept improving. By the end of my treatments I had full mobility back, the swelling and pain was gone. That was over a year ago and I am happy to say my finger has never bothered me again!

I am an avid tennis player and since then Dr. Mel has treated my calf and shoulder and kept me playing the game I love! Success with both treatments! I am so grateful and happy that there is an alternative to medication that really works.”