Dr. Melanie Rapoport DC

From a young age, Dr. Rapoport has had a special interest in the human body and understanding how it responds to different environments and stresses. These interests led her to first complete her Bachelor of Science degree in Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of British Columbia in 2007. She continued her education and graduated magna cum laude from the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon, where she obtained her Doctorate of Chiropractic in 2010.

Dr. Rapoport believes that all humans are physically active beings who need to be able to move properly, without restrictions or pain, to endure all of life’s activities. Her focus is on enhancing the daily physical performance of each of her patients while minimizing stress and injury to the body. Some examples of people Dr. Rapoport currently treats are office workers and those who sit for a majority of their job, trades workers, athletes of all levels, pre/post partum women, children of all ages, and the elderly.

As a recently graduated chiropractor, Dr. Rapoport is up to date on all of the latest research and treatments in her field. During her chiropractic education and clinical experience, it has become clearly evident how important it is to address the soft tissues and get patients on an exercise rehabilitation program, in addition to traditional chiropractic care, to get optimal results that are long-lasting. Her passion in this area led Dr. Rapoport to become a certified provider of two innovative soft tissue therapies, Active Release Techniques® and Graston Techiqnue®, and attend a number of functional rehabilitation seminars. She is currently a member of the International Society of Clinical Rehabilitation Specialists.

In addition to her school and extracurricular training, Dr. Rapoport served as an active member of the Sports Medicine Treatment Team at the University of Western States and has experience working on field at a number of athletic events including track and field meets, soccer tournaments, the Amateur Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament in Oregon, Ironman Canada, and the Vancouver Sun Run. These experiences from the world of athletics translate directly into valuable treatments for all of her patients who need help to get them back to work or play.

Dr. Rapoport’s treatment methodology begins by identifying the primary source of pain or dysfunction. She then builds her treatment plan around facilitating the body’s own potential to heal itself and empowers her patients to be active in their recovery process. She believes in a team approach to care and consults with a group of health care professionals to provide each patient the utmost best care.

In order to provide the best care for her patients, Dr. Rapoport is dedicated to expanding her knowledge and keeping herself up-to-date by regularly attending various educational seminars and reading up on new research.