Healing Curling Injuries – Bonspiel Sponsored by Solaj

Over this past weekend (January 15, 16, and 17, 2016) the Solaj team and myself spent some time at the “Senior Ladies Bye The Sea” curling Bonspiel held by the Peace Arch Curling Club.

Solaj display, myself and a few Solaj team members, set up at the Peace Arch Curling Club Bonspiel

Solaj display, myself and a few Solaj team members, set up at the Peace Arch Curling Club Bonspiel

We set up our display in the upstairs viewing lounge for most of the weekend, where we had a BioFlex Cold Laser Therapy machine on site for quick demonstrations on how a treatment works. I had the pleasure of speaking with some wonderful people about how Cold Laser Therapy would work for their specific condition, whether it be a curling injury or some osteoarthritis that was causing them to limit their curling.

Cold Laser Therapy for curling injuries

The most common curling injuries are typically with the knees, hips, or back. There can be a lot of pressure placed on the knee when throwing a rock, which can lead to a repetitive strain injury. Sweeping, especially, can cause back pain from the posture and speed required to sweep a rock down a sheet of ice. And of course there is always a risk of slipping and falling when playing a sport on ice. When falling, our immediate reaction is to break the fall with our hands and this leads to many wrist breaks or strains.

Cold Laser Therapy helps to speed the healing of curling injuries by delivering light energy to the affected cells. Sometimes our bodies get stuck in the healing phase and are unable to complete the necessary steps to completely resolve the pain. This often causes swelling, redness, and tenderness for far longer than should be. Other times, internal scar tissue builds up during the healing process and can cause a different sort of pain even after the healing process has completed. The quicker a curler comes in to visit us at Solaj to start Cold Laser Therapy treatments, the easier it is for us to get them back on the ice feeling healthy and playing with their team again.

A big “thank you” to The Peace Arch Curling club and the ladies of this Bonspiel for treating us so well this weekend. We enjoyed watching some of your exciting curling matches and spending time with all of you!

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