Kick Your Knee Pain to The Curb!

Knee Pain. Sports running knee injury in male runner.
Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain can be due to one of many issues and is the product of either direct or indirect trauma. Since the knee is the middle child in the lower limb, it can take a beating when the source of dysfunction may actually be in the low back, hip, ankle or foot, or may be due to muscular imbalances, joint restrictions in the neighboring joints, or overuse.


Common conditions of the knee:

Patello-femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

Pain under and around the knee cap is usually due to poor patella/knee cap tracking. This improper tracking is likely the result of imbalance of the surrounding muscles, although there are many factors that can be contributing (for example, the cartilage underneath the knee cap can often become irritated, causing much of the pain). Restoring proper muscle tone and function, and strengthening the hips is usually the course of treatment for petello-femoral pain syndrome, however each case needs to be evaluated to determine the proper course of treatment.

Iliotibial Band (ITB) Syndrome

Irritation and inflammation of the iliotibial band (ITB) near the outside of the knee. Discomfort on the outside of the knee is experienced during physical activity, particularly running downhill, biking and walking up stairs. Often times a snapping or squeaking sensation in the knee may be felt during walking or running. This condition is the result of overuse (over training), improper foot biomechanics causing increased stress on the knee, leg length asymmetry, improperly fitted bicycle, and/or muscular imbalance (tight hamstrings, quadriceps; weak gluteal muscles).

Jumper’s Knee (ie. Patellar Tendonitis)

Irritation and inflammation at the attachment of the infra-patellar tendon to the tibia bone. Many factors can increase the likelihood of developing Jumper’s Knee, some of which are increasing training distance, hill training, squats or repetitive knee bends, or direct trauma to the tendon. Discomfort is located around and below the knee; it increases during or after strenuous exercise, up and down stairs/hills, or after sitting with the knee bent for a prolonged period of time. Symptoms will vary depending on the severity of the tendonitis.

Knee Sprains

Traumatic over-stretching of a ligament or ligaments of the knee. These sprains can present very differently depending on which ligament is affected: ACL, PCL, LCL or MCL. This type of knee injury is common with contact sports or high velocity sports, motor vehicle accidents, and walking or running on uneven terrain. There is usually a popping sound that accompanies the tear (but this is not always the case), rapid swelling, and feeling of instability.

Several treatment options available to solve many painful knee conditions:

Chiropractic Joint Mobilization or Manipulation:

A gentle adjustment to the spine and/or affected joint. The focus of this therapy is to release restricted joints, restoring the body's natural alignment to allow for proper movement.

Active Release Techniques®:

Active Release Techniques® is similar to a deep tissue massage concentrating on the affected area and is accompanied by movement of the joint. This therapy is a popular choice to help speed up the recovery of soft tissue injuries because it increases blood flow to the area and helps break up scar tissue.

Cold Laser Therapy:

Cold Laser Therapy is a drug free alternative to treating various painful musculoskeletal conditions such as: Osteoarthritis, Sport and Work Injuries, Tendonitis, Back Pain, and much more. It works by transferring light energy to cells in the affected area, stimulating the body's natural healing process. It often reduces recovery time (from injuries or surgery) by 50% or more.

Functional Rehabilitation:

Functional Rehabilitation is an active therapy that focuses on correcting improper movement patterns and posture with exercises and is often prescribed alongside Chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Techniques®, and/or Cold Laser Therapy.

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