Your Child Can Benefit From Chiropractic, Too!

Your child’s health is your primary concern from the minute you know they exist. Moms and Dads to be are constantly concerned about the well-being of their growing baby and do their best to provide them with the optimal growing environment. What many don’t know is that the natural process of birth can stress on an infants spine and developing nervous system, causing misalignments in the spine and cranium, irritating the baby’s nerves and joints. Many newborns and infants have problems due to these misalignments including colic, breathing problems, nursing issues, sleeping difficulties, chronic infections (e.g. ear infections), asthma, allergic reactions and more.

Quite often spinal misalignments are found in babies and children with these issues, and once corrected, their condition is reduced or resolved. Chiropractic has a positive affect on one’s spine, which houses the spinal cord, a major part of the nervous system. The spinal cord transmits signals between the brain and the rest of the body and its systems, including the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, hormonal, and immune systems. Correcting spinal misalignments that may be affecting one’s nervous system can thus have a positive affect on the entire body, inside and out, allowing one to express a greater level of health and well-being.

Because significant trauma to the spine can occur at birth, many parents are seeking chiropractic care for their children with favorable results. As we all know, children grow and become increasingly more active as they learn to lift their head, sit, crawl, walk, and tumble along the way, which are all activities that can affect spinal alignment, or even result in injury to one or more areas of the body. Having your child checked during these critical transition times can help ensure healthy development of their spines and nervous systems, allowing them to function at their optimal level, both physically and emotionally, stave off infections, and reduce risk of injury later in life.

As your child begins to participate in sports such as hockey, dance, or bike riding, misalignments in the spine may develop due to the repetitive stress of their activities, but pain may or may not be experienced. If not addressed, your child’s injuries can perpetuate into a bigger problem later on in life. It is better to identify and treat a small issue early as it will require less treatment frequency, but will also prevent your child from experiencing more pain and will get them back to their activities as soon as possible.

What to expect from treatment with Dr. Melanie Rapoport?

Each patient will undergo a thorough assessment performed by myself including a history and physical exam of the entire body, so that I can have a complete understanding of the overall state of health of your child. I will then review exactly what I found, explain what issues are present and why, and how I can help. My treatments for children typically include chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue therapies if needed, home care instructions and lifestyle recommendations.

Some conditions can be more complex or severe than others. It is important to have all the information presented to you and your child, so that you can decide what the best course of action will be. I will discuss all treatment options that your child could benefit from, including other therapies that may help in their recovery process.

Please click here to visit the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association website, which has links to multiple research articles on childhood conditions and chiropractic care.

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